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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Michelle Obama's Style

I have been following and somewhat admiring Lady Obama's style since the early days of the election, and my reaction toward most of her ensemble choices (or her stylist's) is very constructive. I fall in love with her color choices then fall out of love with the pattern and shape. She has a beautiful figure, but sometimes it can get lost within her choice of clothes.
She's been credited with wearing up and coming designers and turning them into overnight superheros. Jason Wu, thanks to Andre Leon Talley's introduction, was established and throned as one of the most prominent designers of last year after the Lady wore his dress to the inauguration. It was undoubtedly a beautiful gown, but she doesn't seem to always make the right decisions. Let's take a look at some of her more obscure choices. 

She has great arms, but this outfit does nothing but make her look like a 12 year old middle school girl. The ruffles make her broad shoulders even broader, her bust isn't flattered by the cut or fit, and the belt is unnecessarily juvenile. The only thing she has going for her is the skirt, which is everything perfect but the color and fabric. In any case, I give this outfit a D-.

This is a beautiful gown, no doubt. Howeverrrrr.....not on her. Everything from the bust down is perfect. It fits perfectly, is a very nice color for her, and is the perfect length...but the necklace ruins it. It does not belong on this dress, on her skin color, and especially not on the poor fitting bust. It looks almost painful. She should have instead opted for a simple necklace, if one at all, or just a simple shawl. The hair and makeup are great, and why does her husband always wear those horrific loose fitting pants? Yuck!

Oh...my...where should I start? Let's start from the bottom up so we save the best for last. Those shoes are...could be better. I'd prefer for her to wear a pair of these Church's loafers, so long as she changes the rest of her outfit. The pants don't fit her very well at the thigh, but if she paired them with the loafers and a simpler top, it wouldn't look so bad. Then there's the shirt................................ I just don't know how to approach this without being a bitch. It's tremendously unfortunate that she thinks this flatters her in any way. Let's put it this way: the layered sweaters don't help the flower garden growing beneath her belt. No pun intended.

This dress is absolutely stunning. the color is not too bad, the shawl is the perfect length, the jewelry accents are spot on, and the length of the dress is perfect. Of course it wouldn't be Obama of her to not have something wrong, so in this case we can go ahead and discuss the bird's nest on top of her head. Good thing the dress is shiny enough to distract me from having to look that high up. Shiny...mm...shiny things...we just need a strobe light to reflect a soft glare, that might do the trick. 

A small tip to those ladies who have slightly larger thighs/hips: Do NOT wear tight bright colors!!! Please don't coordinate the colors monotonously and be courteous to those who look below the hem of the pants...those shoes! Can you say fug! For a first lady....no...and take that fugly sweater off. yuck! Not fabu by any means. Moving on..

This is what a first lady should wear. Nothing more, nothing less. It's the perfect length, the shoes are the perfect height, and it's not too monotonous in terms of color. The only thing I would change is the sweater. Perhaps a different color? Like dark brown? Maybe an emerald green? Anything but those clashing colors and patterns...gives me nausea. I wouldn't wear a necklace with this outfit, it distracts from the simplicity of it. She finally has the hair spot on, though! Hoorah..

Perfecto! Finally! This dress is gorgeous, but hits a little too low on the leg, making her legs look about 3 inches shorter. The color is perfect, the fit is great, and the shoes are a good safe choice. Job well done!

This dress should only be worn if you are 1) pregnant, 2) standing next to Mario's orange Crocs paired perfectly with the matching socks, 3) landed the lead role in Alice in Wonderland (congratulations!), or 4) have a very big bust. The light blue/orange color mixture is not flowing well with me, and that flower brooch is not making things better. Perhaps its the angle of the camera, but she looks like she has a stick or two up her bum bum..

Last but not least, the modern purple dress. The shoes and the belt are perfect together, the pearl necklace, the fit and cut of the dress. Everything is perfect for her skin tone, her figure, and most importantly it is very appropriate for the occasion. The belt is a little too playful perhaps, on second thought. A dark purple belt would have done just fine, or just a different design.