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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Image courtesy of Roberto Cavalli

Let's discuss this Roberto Cavalli dress Alessandra Ambrosio wore to the screening of "Blue Valentine," in NYC. We're not feeling the sparkly dress with the satin..coat? Jacket? It was too long to be a casual jacket. It looks kind of awkward, actually. She should have skipped on the open toed shoes and instead opted for black patent leather Pigalles. A gray shoe would have been okay, too. The slicked hair is not a good look for her at all, and her makeup artist could have brightened up the lipstick and slapped some powder on her chin and forehead. It's better for her not to wear a necklace in this kind of a situation because there is already too much going on. We give this look a big fat D. 

Image courtesy of Starpulse
Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are red carpet ready in their sleek ensembles. McGraw's blue hues compliment Hill's all black form fitting pieces. The clothes fit great, the shoes are okay, and the hair and makeup is fine. Love that top on her, or is that a jumpsuit? It can use an ironing. Other than that, we give both outfits an A-.