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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Nicki Minaj the new Gaga

I am totally inspired by Lady Gaga’s eclectic get ups. While I would never rock an Edward Scissorhands type glove at an awards show or anywhere for that matter, I admire her for reaching for the stars when it comes to pushing the envelope. Nicki Minaj on the other hand has changed the rap game for the ladies.  She’s no MC Lyte or Latifah rocking baggy jeans and sweatshirts, but she’s not Lil Kim either who favors corsets and barely there skirts. She dyes her hair pink and makes every day Halloween. I really wonder….are these attention getting tactics or actual true expressions of who they are?? It seems the more shocking the better in their eyes, and they are eachother’s biggest competition.  Look out Madonna!

Nicki kicks this naughty flamenco dancer outfit into high gear with the addition of hot pink hair rollers and a black and white fan. I am in LOVE with the gloves here. They take leather driving gloves to another galaxy, fanning out at the ends like peacock feathers. Gaga is rocking the hair made bow style she’s made famous. How does that even come to fruition? A whole lot of Aqua Net and a prayer? Wow! As far as originality goes, I’ll give this one to Gaga. Rollers making their presence in public isn’t originality at its best, but Gaga’s look is brand spanking new.

Gaga 1
Minaj 0

I am in LOVE with this look on Lady G. From the origami inspired dress to the white satin ankle booties. The fake blood...not my favorite...but her vision is flawless and I know that theatrics are a huge part of her performance. I may just be a little monster after all.

Here Nicki is Alice reincarnated and I’m a sucker for a good tea party. The hat is sassy, the green gloves classy and the tulle skirt of the dress screams ballerina gone naughty. The wonderland she recreates here is beautiful and she makes an old fairytale very new again.

Gaga 1
Minaj 1


And now for the tie breaker:

This outfit on Gaga is so pretty and intricately constructed. The ruffle detailing and the brocade are haute couture at its best and for some reason scream Christmas to me, which is maybe why I gravitated towards it. The retro sunglasses make it super playful and I would D-I-E for that watch.

I definitely have the holidays on the brain because I couldn’t not highlight Nicki wearing this dress. She looks like a snow fairy, pink hair and all. I love the jewelry and the heels on her pink platforms make them look like real life candy skyscrapers. I’m totally in awe of how she makes this look feminine and strong all at once.

I’m giving this one to Nicki. Happy Pink Friday everyone!

-Sophia Varga