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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Balenciaga at NYFW?

We don't know how we feel about Balenciaga moving their show to the states. Would it take away from PAFW? That is the week everyone anticipates. American brands are great, but Balenciaga belongs in Paris! Would it cheapen the brand to bring them here? Paris is known for its high fashion, high lifestyle, and prestige. The US? Not so much...

Nicolas Ghesquière stated,

“I’m questioning if there is a new way of communicating about a fashion brand. It could be an art proposal, it could be a movie. [The scope] is very open, very large.”

Photo Courtesy of Balenciaga

We would love to see a Balenciaga movie in the works, but not so much moving their show. And what was up with putting Gisele as the face of SS 2011? She so doesn't fit the criteria! Disaster in the works, we'll keep you posted!