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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Those Who Can Not, Should Not

Sometimes what you think looks good may not always be the most flattering. Let's be real--Lea Michele can NOT pull off Oscar de la Renta. Even the most classic dresses from the house overpower her (I will make an exception to that beautiful chiffon number she wore to the Golden Globes last year).

This year was no exception, however, when Lea ruined this otherwise stunning de la Renta.

Photo Courtesy of AccientalSexiness.com

And let's just TALK about this ugly bird's nest Lea wore to the Emmy's last year. Her stylist must think very little of her if she let her walk out like this. The necklace is gorgeous, but the cheap-whore-trailer-hair-with-half-her-bangs needs some assistance. What's up with matching your nail polish to your dress, we never got that memo. And that cheesy smile with the stick-in-the-ass pose has no one fooled. You look gorgeous, baby!

Image Courtesy of FashionFame.com

We're kidding ourselves, you looked miserable. She wore Oscar again to the Time 100 Gala. This is the "my Spankx ripped and I laughed so hard I peed my pants. I had an extra pair of granny panties in my purse so I decided to put those on. Then I sucked in real hard and pretended I was a statue" dress. Also, that "faded" skin color is so last never. When your makeup artist powders your face and neckline a darker shade than the rest of your body, you end up looking like a flame. Google it.

Image Courtesy of SwingFashionista.com

Lea, please avoid dresses that don't flatter your body. Fire your stylist and get a new one, then tell your makeup artist to pay attention to your whole body, not just your face, and get a better posing coach--you look  like you're eleven sometimes.