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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Charlotte Ronson A/W 2011

Ronson's collection was ethereal and light with a bohemian twist.  Stocking caps and peek-a-boo sundresses rounded out the runway looks. Prints were rampant and ranged from pretty flowers in bloom to faded stripes. My favorite look was the heather gray sweatshirt and sheer orange bias cut skirt. I wasn't jazzed about the socks with sandals. Fashion forward maybe, but still a fashion faux pas in my book.  

Ronson infused leather, ripped tights and sweaters into her Winter collection.  My second favorite look was the belted burnished gold sweater and mini skirt. The leather really brought it to life and gave it an edge. While the ripped tights are on trend, in my eyes they took a little away from the quality of the collection.  Overall I think the show was a success for this young American designer.

By: Sophia Varga

Images Courtesy of Nymag.com