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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kouture Magazine Newsstand Launch Party

A congratulations is in order for Kouture Magazine, which hit newsstands and all major stores last week. They are a fashion and beauty magazine for women of color. Compared to Elle for women of color, they are mainly a shopping, fashion, hair, and makeup magazine.

I couldn't make it to the actual party as I had another show at LC, but I did get a sneak peek of the clothes and models beforehand. Denise was modeling again for this event, and she looked fabu with the other models in some custom pieces. I love when the fashion industry does something great for charity, and in this case donations were accepted and those proceeds went toward helping those with Heart Disease.

Designers that were featured during the event include: Ra'mon Laurence, Christiane King, Jermikko, Arthlene Legaer, Theo Courtnay NY, Malena Ruth Designs, Dominque Auxilly Designs, and Korto Momolo.

Here are some of the looks, and take note of that peacock dress, it's to die!

Images Courtesy of Maya Bengston, Mayabengston.com