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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Leave it up to Betsey to pull 90 looks for a show. We can only imagine how long that show was. Also, what's up with the fugly  people on the runway?! I'm glad she put plus sized girls up there but why did she put regular people in her clothes to walk? Does she think it's more appealing to the public? We say if she has the authority to do something that insane without getting too much backlash from it, then to hell with it! Put the fugs on the runway! No, but seriously...where did she find these people? And one of them was knocked up and all....what?! 

She's just trying to prove that anyone and everyone can wear her clothes. Good thinking, I like that idea. However, not so appealing on the catwalk. 

Let's talk about the clothes. Typical Betsey Johnson. Nothing superb, but we did like the skulls. 

Images Courtesy of Nymag.com