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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Chanel Resort 2012

Chanel showed their resort collection on a bad note. That lukewarm yellow hue is not a favorite of mine, it's too dull and depressing. The pants on the men are way too tight, but of course Baptiste looked great as always. That long white and black bikini throw? Phenom. What the hell is up with the way Magdalena walks and that pout? I can't stand her!

Karl is a great designer, no doubt, but sometimes he can bring something into a show that makes us wonder if it's really Chanel or if it's just Karl's imagination running wild. Those thong heel/boots? No. Never in a million years would that be Chanel. I also don't like those busy colors near the end, they are too cheap looking! What is UP with that awful tulle?! With crochet? Who would wear that? I did like the last dress, however; it may be the only thing that could possibly save this collection.

Images: Vogue