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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Met Gala 2011: Red Carpet Round 2

Blake looked lovely last night at the Met Gala. She was wearing (of course) Chanel Couture, and came with none other than (of course) Karl Lagerfeld. I do think she's a bit too orange in color, but that might be the lighting. Love Karl's Jacket! I'm not feeling Blake's new red hair...are you?

This could have easily been the winning number of the night. Two things prevent it from such: color and the pattern on the tulle. Doutzen looks amazing in Valli, though.

Tory looks fabulous! How old is she? Kanye...usual. I've been meaning to bring this up, and I'm glad I have a window of opportunity now, because I've been noticing green accessories pop up everywhere. Keep an eye out..

Miranda and Orlando were the best looking couple last night, in my opinion. She wore a beautiful Marchesa number with Kirkwoods, and she was glowing! Gorgeous!

We MUST talk about this dress. I think someone is channeling their Adams Family days slash Gaga. Of course Zac Posen looked as edible as he always does. He's beautiful, just perfect! I can't get over her waist, though! Ew! I'm hoping that's not her real bone structure...

You either love it or hate it. I love it, not on her. The dress is wearing her.

Madonna needs to step out of the 80's. No, really! She didn't look awful, but she didn't look amazing.

It's hard for my to say anything bad about Christina Hendricks because she is so beautiful and lovely, but this dress does her NO favors. None, whatsoever. 


She looked SO good. Is there ever an event where she doesn't?

Notice that both Rihanna and Taylor wore something very similar? How does this happen? Don't their PR people channel each other before these things? Well, they should.

Best dressed. Hands down. Love this McQueen dress on her, it is amazing! Lots of red tonight..

Of course she wore Gucci. Those were my first thoughts when I saw her yesterday. I would have gone with a different lip color or eye color, something's just off. Marc looks good, though.

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