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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What Trends are Back?

By: Sophia Varga

Four weeks left and we bid the Summer season adieu.  Will the trends of the sexiest season around leave along with the warm weather?

Rompers, rompers everywhere! Everyone from Old Navy to Marc Jacobs has turned out a version.  Versatile and sexy, they’ve been seen on beaches everywhere as a casual cover-up in fabrics like terry cloth and then on the red carpet in silk, jersey blends and bold prints.

Flower print dresses are in full bloom. Taking a cue from the uber success of Mad Men, tulips and roses are making their perennial mark this Summer.

Color Blocking has been a survivor of season's past, making it a nominee for full year relevance. Bravo.

Can't wait to see what survives the crystal ball of fashion week this Fall!!!