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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Prada Spring/Summer 2012

Writing the heading of this post gave me such jitters I almost fell out of my seat. It took me two hours to dig up photos from the Prada show, which walked just five hours ago, and I have to say...I can not WAIT to get my hands on those cute little flower dresses! I have been waiting all week to see this collection, and while some of the pieces disappointed me to a certain extent, I enjoyed watching the collarless coats and dresses with an ode to the sweet tacky Prada-ness that once was, and apparently is next season. 

The chiffon is a reoccurring trend, and it seems designers want women to dress up for every day, as we are seeing more "going out" looks than every day, Karl Lagerfeld a la Fendi S/S 12 look. Clearly this collection is not as exciting as the last one was (banana print jackets, anyone?), and especially those hideous stretch midrif exposing separates that need to go back to the 90's, where they belong. The leather skirt with the car on it? I'm wondering what Ms. Prada saw in Argentina this summer that inspired this look. The fire print on the bottom of some chiffon dresses? Also not a fan, but I'm sure I will incorporate it into some editorial that involves muscle cars and lots of oily hair..

Can we talk about how much weight some models have lost? What happened to Mariacarla Boscono? She looks like she lost 20 pounds off of her already withering frame. Later we will post before and after pics of not only her but other starving models, including Anja Rubik and our favorite (we kid) model Magdalena Frackowiak. Also Lindsey Wixson has lost her...bubble-iness.  

Images Courtesy of Peter Stigter