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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I would like to title this post, Ugliest Bags in the World.

This bag...clutch...birdcage...is valued at just a little over $5000. Can we just talk about the fact that carrying a birdcage around is WEIRD? Let alone one that is embezzled with multicolored crystals and doubles as a purse...

I can go to the beach, grab a shell and tie a string around it. Result? I save $4000 and it will probably look better than this.

No, I don't like accordions. No, I don't like for my clutches to be made of wood. Yes, I do want my shoulder bag to fit under my armpit.

With respect to Jimmy Choo, this belongs in the window of a diner, lit, reading "open".

A pea in a pod. Looks like a placenta.

I hate hate HATE these kinds of bags.

This color should never be on a bag. Nor should that fabric ever be used on anything besides shower caps. Don't let me go NEAR that mismatched shoulder strap.

  1. Anything with the word 'juicy' on it does not deserve my arm, butt, or any other part of my body.

  1. Oh look..........he has another one. Joy.

    What could you possibly fit into this?

    Yah, that's a bag. A cupcake bag. That's not even cute.

    I promise this is the last bag like this...but this one was too funny not to post.

    And now...for the UGLIEST bag in the world...
    The Louis Vuittion Tribute Patchwork bag. Valued at just a little over $52,000. Marc Jacobs must have been smoking something really special when he came up with this design.