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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Let me start with the hat and work my way down. The hair is a disaster, she needs a bra with that shirt, the skirt reminds me of a headdress my great grandmother used to wear in her village in rural Armenia, and the shoes look like they were carved from wood. She managed to bring along a green military colored backpack, which is a no no at festivals or other big events. You should be having fun, not worrying about where your oversize duffel bag is.

Looking for her beach towel. Love the shoes though, menswear is definitely in this season. Look for multi-toned neutral brogues.

People, this is how pregnant rumors start. I can't tell if its the way she's standing, the photographer, or the fact that she's hiding a miniature gnome in between her legs.

The only thing I would change about this outfit is the sunglasses. They're too big for her face, and the colors don't compliment her outfit.

Love this outfit, except for the bag. Like I said, leave your oversize duffel bags at home! She can use a haircut though, and those leather shorts can't be comfortable in the California heat. I also would have opted for a different color shoe, and something that's not that high.

This is absolutely perfect. I'm not too sure about the necklaces, and the color of the shoe. But I love the details!

If you can pull it off, this should be what everyone wears to a music festival.

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