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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Top of the Charts

I recently introduced a friend to Topshop, a trendy store with shops all over the world. She ordered a military inspired coat, and now insists on buying most of her clothing from their website. You may have heard about the store, as Kate Moss is their poster child and has an eponymous line with them. They are known to sell really good quality clothing at really great prices.

I was introduced to Topshop when I did a photo shoot a couple of months ago (I'm a makeup artist) and I kept asking the stylist where she purchased the one-of-a-kind shoes. She referred me to the SoHo boutique, and I have since jumped on the wagon and joined their cult-like following. Here is just a sample of what you can find there *my favorites.

*In a couple of days, I will have these looks completed with matching attire from the Topshop website, styled by a good friend of mine, Gabby. For now, here are the separate pieces:

Reminds me of Valentino this past year. Click here to see more.

Ah...the brogue/loafer. This was introduced a couple seasons ago as menswear hit the trend watch, and it is still in this season. Pair it with an outfit that brogues normally wouldn't be paired with if you want to stand out from the rest. Click here to see more.

I love pairing simple T-shirts with evening wear. You can go from day to night in five seconds flat. Click here to see more.

Clogs are in people! Please make me happy and wear them this fall. Click here to see more.

This is something you won't find anywhere else. People will have their eyes glued to you--the mix of materials, pattern, and texture are so unconventional yet so simple and elegant. Click here to see more.

Jeans, cropped jeans, tortured jeans, jeans that make you look effortlessly badass/hip/sexy. I can see Agyness Deyn in this. Click here to see more.

Pierre Hardy inspired, i'm sure. Sporty casual will never go out of style. Click here to see more.

This shirt/jacket cinches at the perfect spot on the waist, giving you a slimmer, more hourglass figure. I love curves! Click here to see more.

This is not an easy look to pull off, and be careful if you try too hard. Simplicity is key as this is such an overpowering statement jacket/coat. We'll have to wait and see what Gabby pairs this with. It's going to be a challenge for sure! Click here to see more.

The perfect flats for every season minus winter, and for every occasion minus weddings. Click here to see more.

My favorite item of all. I want these on my feet. Now. The chains are so bulky they will make your feet look smaller in contrast. Click here to see more.

Outrageous pants make for an outrageous outfit. *Note: don't wear them as sweatpants. Click here to see more.

Do not, under any circumstances, pair these with the cropped jean jacket shown above. Monotone is a fine look when you're pulling off Margiela but do not try to recreate the look with denim unless you are joining a hippie colony. Click here to see more.