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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


A friend in Paris went to meet with the designer of Bijules, Jules Kim, during PAFW. Here is the full interview for Mankx:

Place Vendome, Luxury Vendome Live
October 3rd, 2010

By: Jessy Cottineau

Jules Kim, the owner of Bijules, one of the most stylistic jewelry companies around, comes from the East Village, New York. She is self-taught and has not taken any Jewelry Studies. She joined a musical school to learn the traverse flute, but didn’t last long. She then joined a fashion school, and after that she moved to Angers, France to finish her studies. When she left her French school (Kim speaks fluent French), she decided to move on and create her own jewelry line.

In her mind, a jewel is much more than a fashion accessory. It’s a part of her body, like a transplant; a part of herself. Jules Kim was inspired by a really special story—the story of Tycho Brahe, who, after losing his nose in a bloody fight, decided to create a golden nose. Perfectly made, this nose became a part of Tycho.

Kim used this story to create her new collection, like her articulated ring, which moves like her fingers do. Or her cigarette holder that is the shape of a woman’s lips. Very elegant and very sexy, her golden contact lens, or even her duel glove, full of golden nuggets (Kim told me that it was really difficult to travel with this object or to go through customs and explain to them what this fancy object was).

Kim puts meaning in her collections—the ability to adapt to any situation and move on in your own life. She works a lot on the sublimation of a woman’s body. She thinks that lingerie is a jewel and also added diamonds on straps of a bra. She thinks it is sad that once a woman removes her lingerie in front of her lover that the jewels are gone also, so she made some nipple charms.

For her, a jewel is also a form of protection, the key word of her new line being “duel,” which explains the armor look of her ring, or the chess game that she customized with gold crowns, golden spurs. Some of her creations are even more real than what you think, like a bird’s head that she found in nature and that she used in a wax mold to create a jewel out of it.

The Bijules brand is made of four lines:

Bijules Haute (for jewelry)
BJ by Jules Kim
Bij (PVC collection for teens, or for anyone who wants a Bijules jewel)

To see her collection and for more information on how to buy the items, click here