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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nothing screams I'm from the Middle East like crystallized camels and skulls

Two weeks ago Jimmy Crystal showed its Autumn/Winter 2011/2012 trends inspired by Swarovski Elements. I showed up half an hour fashionably late (I have a good excuse), but didn't miss a single thing! The rooms were filled with fabulous people and crystals, and near the end Stephanie Carcache performed (I didn't stay that long, I had a meeting afterward). Here are some pictures I took throughout the night.

Love that Louis! Love you for pulling a great Kanye!

Photo Courtesy of Guest of a Guest
Me standing next to a wedding dress. The rain was bad to my hair that night, I should have kept it up in a bun...lesson learned. Shawl, blue dress, black shirt, earrings: Forever 21. Shoes, belt: Calvin Klein (oh, Costa..). Glasses: Marc Jacobs.
I so regret not putting my hair up. I'm going to have nightmares now.

Crystallized feathers...love it!!

Here are the five collections for F/W 2010:

It was a great night, I loved the fashion! I love Jimmy Crystal, they are so great with customer service and their clients. Wendy always responds to my emails...that's not something I take for granted! Look around you, if you see anything (your blinds??) that you feel is a bit lackluster, shoot them an email for a quote. I totally want to get my I-pad decked out (when I get an I-pad, that is). Click here to contact them.