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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Avant-Garde that we love!

Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs, both graduates of the Parsons School of Design and the duo behind Cushnie et Ochs, have already been throned as the next HervĂ© Leger. They have a cult following of some of the most famous A-listers such as Leighton Meester and Eva Mendez. The brand has expanded the frontier of  the aesthetic experience in the fashion world. Keeping the color spectrum within the usual neutral colors such as soft whites, nudes and the classic staple black, the line introduces challenging and almost unorthodox cut outs and sheer inserts to add elements of avant-garde. The pieces come together to form blunt asymmetrical cuts and daring plunges that challenge the perception of uniform and experimental fashion. A lingering mist of darkness looms within each and every piece, a depth which every element within the Cushnie et Ochs line may be just what we need to give our perception of safe fashion a slap in the face. Click  here for their website.

Melissa Aybar

Matina Sukhahuta, a Parsons School of Design graduate as well, is the creative genius behind Matina Amanita, which consists of a precious line and costume jewelry. Matina creates individual fabulous pieces from rings with phrases such as "fuck" and "I love you not" which give it a dark quirk and charm. Within the the interestingly broad spectrum of lines within Matina Amanita are her "Mini Globetrotters." They feature miniaturized cities on her rings as well as her "warrior til death," which explores the spectrum of masculinity on a deeper artistic level. She takes ordinary objects and creates almost an alter ego for each individual piece. This brand is definitely something we are going to look into more, the pieces are astonishing and will surly be the staple accessory next spring! 


**Mankx would like to welcome a new writer to our team, Melissa Aybar. Welcome aboard, Melissa!