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Friday, March 4, 2011

Balenciaga Fall 2011

I don't know how the house of Balenciaga found Nicolas Ghesquiere, but everything he touches turns to gold. No one could be more perfect for a house as he is to Balenciaga, and with every collection I am reassured of that fact. The aesthetic of Balenciaga is never lost within the pieces, rather glorified. 

In this collection, we see a lot of overlaying of colors (per usual for Ghesquiere), lower hems overlaying pants, the crochet patent leather pattern, lots of stripes and overlaying of stripes, and the usual futuristic tops that Ghesquiere is known for. Asymmetry is an essential part of his collections, and the cuts couldn't be more perfect. But by far my favorites of this collection were not the clothes, rather the shoes and purses. I very much enjoyed the multicolored stilettos and puffy purses. Puffy because I don't know what that pattern or technique is called. 

I love how he always puts Victoria's Secret models on the runway. For example, Miranda Kerr with black hair. I think she looks much better like this, but then again I'd prefer everyone with black hair (except for Jamie Bochert...oof). This tops my favorite Balenciaga collections. Well done!

Images Courtesy of Vogue.com