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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Chanel Fall 2011

Nothing surprises me anymore with Karl. His runway shows are always up to par, this time creating a volcanic atmosphere on which to display his works of monumental beauty. Since Karl took over Chanel, it has been a mixture of mainly rock and luxury. I feel (and fear) that with this collection, the luxury might be hanging on by a thread. And by luxury I mean the original Coco Chanel designs, the masculine femininity that everyone loved and that Karl continued. 

For his Fall collection, I love that he tied that fabric around the ankles of the pants because I've been tying scarves around my ankles since fashion week in the hopes that the trend would catch on. I was a season too early I suppose.

The shoes aren't really what I expected from Chanel, but I feel that way about everything the house makes now. I do love me the slouchy boot, though.

Arizona Muse looks surprisingly good in Chanel, they should give her a contract. Of course Baptiste showed up. That gorgeous thing. He's too pretty to look at, sometimes I have to turn away. I don't know why Karl folded the wide legged pants, though. They look kind of messy,  but I've learned not to question anything Chanel does because it will be automatically accepted by anyone and everyone. 

Images Courtesy of Vogue.com