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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Viktor and Rolf Fall 2011

Among the collections for next season, this one topped my list of some of the most anticipated, per usual. The duo simmered down for next season, bringing forth mostly solid black and solid white pieces with the exception of the stark red contrast of the girls' faces, shirts, and boot tips. Really creative, I must say. However, not their best. What is up with next season and lack of performance? I am starting to see a bad trend.

Anyways, their signature folding style is what drives me crazy. No one folds fabric the way Viktor and Rolf do, and their fabric choices are perhaps some of their best. The placement of lines complimentary to a woman's figure are always present in their shows, for example the outline of the leather jackets and tops. I really appreciate the color blocking, and like I said, that will be a big thing next fall. Their shoes were okay, nothing too out of the ordinary. I would have liked to see more imagination, but perhaps they are gearing toward the marketable end of fashion? Do I sense a diffusion line coming?

Love the red faces, but I think it was wasted because the clothes were so plain. 

Images Courtesy of Nymag.com