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Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Cost of Beauty

By: Sophia Varga

Being a woman is fun. We get to dress up in beautiful clothes, wear sky high heels and gloss our lips with colors called fresh brew and peony pearl, but there’s a downside to this, and every girl can relate; it’s expensive! Being on the receiving end of a wedding invitation can incur expenses comparable to a weekend getaway. Take this dress and shoe combo, add a manicure/pedicure, blowout and the accessories below and you’ve just bought yourself the equivalent of a plane ticket to Europe.

The days of wearing tanning oil and baking yourself in the sun are long gone. Now pore purifying facials and SPF 50 sunblock are skincare essentials. A full body spray tan session at Sundara NYC will run you $78.00 and Clarins SPF 30 sunblock costs a pricey $30.00, almost three times the cost of a bottle of Hawaiian Tropic which retails for about $8.00. Book the “fabulous facial” at Bliss Spa and your wallet’s a $120.00 lighter.

Now let’s talk handbags. A quality one will last you years, and that may be the only logic for dropping serious bank on a leather receptacle for your lip balm and iPod. See below for the most coveted bags around.

Sometimes I think about how easy it would be to be a guy and throw on a polo and jeans or a simple suit for a wedding, but then I would have to let go of my lifelong dream for an Hermes Birkin and I shudder……It’s all worth it to be a girl!