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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Have You Ever Been Bullied?

Everyone has been bullied at some point in their lives, some worse than others. Either way, bullying is NOT cool! Our favorite celebrity stylist, Derek Warburton, is the co-founder of BCoolNow.org, an anti-bullying organization made to bring attention to personal stories of those who were at one time bullied or bullies themselves.

The website contains videos and stories from those who have experienced bullying on a personal level. Reading and watching these poor kids brought tears to my eyes! That being said, Derek wants Mankx readers to submit their videos and share stories from their experiences to the website. You can send your videos or stories to Whatsup@bcoolnow.com. For more information on BCoolNow, go to BCoolNow.org or follow them on Twitter @Bcoolnow. Derek is on twitter too! Follow him at @Derekfabulous. 

I'm making my video shortly and will have it on here for you guys as well as on their website!