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Monday, July 11, 2011

Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2011 Couture

One of the reasons why I love Gaultier so much is his refusal to conform to runway tradition. He doesn't just choose agency models, he showcases people who he thinks compliment his pieces best. I love that he put a bald woman in there, an older gentleman, and an older woman. I don't know who they are, probably people before my time. Anyways, I was just saying how Gaultier always throws his collections back to the 80's, and I was questioning whether it was a good thing or not. Either way he knows what he's doing, I praise him for his efforts.

Some of his recent couture collections (last year) were really horrible, but this one blew me away. This is how modern men should dress from now on. That male model with the beard? I need his number. He lights up the runway like no other male I've seen. I'm going to find out who he is and stalk him. Also that male with the slick hair and cheekbones. He is FIERCE. 

Regardless of the models, the silhouettes were typical Gaultier, the fabric and the patterns, the non cohesiveness, and that couture feeling. It's all Gaultier and it's all fabulous. My favorite collection of the season, hands down.

Images Courtesy of Vogue.com