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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2012

Well, at least we know Karlie Kloss isn't going anywhere. She's been in the game for quite a few seasons now, and unlike her counterparts, who are only hyped up for a few seasons, she has carved her mark deep into the fashion industry and is therefore considered a staple at every show. 

So far, we've noticed a lot of colors and busy patterns for Spring. With the Marc by Marc show, the sporty side that we saw at Wang, Odilon, and BCBG is in full bloom. Designers have long tried to mix casual and classy, and few have succeeded. Marc is certainly one of the top runners who has been able to channel both in most if not all of his collections. Nicolas Ghesquiere is another, perhaps one of the last, who has been able to pull it off. 

The whole sporty look is complimented with the lack of makeup used on the models. perhaps a little lip and cheek tint, but no eye shadow, mascara, or eyeliner was used. Perhaps the makeup of next season is no makeup at all? Well, I can't live without my Erase Paste, so that question is out of the picture. 

What have we learned? Sporty and bright colors are in. Take note. Also, I suggest stashing your seventeen inch heels deep into your closet, because it is going to be a long time until those come back into style. Flat, comfortable shoes are in style.

Images Courtesy of Vogue.com