"From heaven to hell and back again, life is a funny thing. beauty can come from the most strangest of places even the most disgusting places." RIP Lee Alexander McQueen. This blog is dedicated to you, your art, your beauty, and your influence. Long live McQueen!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2012

Posting the rest of PAFW tomorrow but I wanted to post McQueen tonight. As usual, all of the looks are here, instead of just the few I pick for every other show. This is the brightest, most artful peice of futuristic design I've seen in a long time. Lee would be so proud! I truly miss him seeing this collection. I know he would have loved all the pieces, and especially the fact that it had an underwater theme. The clothes are beautiful, it's like watching a fairy tale. I love the delicate detailing and the leather work on the jackets. I also love that she brought the masks back, we don't know which girl is which! The masks almost give the girls a sense of grotesque beauty. Perhaps sheilding them because they are too beautiful to be seen. 

Sarah Burton perfected it this time; the colors are right on spot, and the underwater theme is beautiful, right in line with Chanel's theme as well. McQueen was a huge fan of the underworld. he went on vacations after his shows and used to go deep water diving, where he found a whole world he felt at peace with. These girls looked like mermaids, and they are each beautiful in their own way. Absolutely my favorite collection of this season. 

Images Courtesy of Vogue.com