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Monday, September 13, 2010


On a visit to the Jimmy Crystal showroom last weekend, I discovered two things: that crystal encrusted door handles make for quite the extraordinary entrance, and Demian Hirst. I stood in the lobby looking through the glass doors, at a room filled from floor to ceiling, with Swarovski Crystal-encrusted....everything. Everything was encrusted, from the chairs to the outlets and the light switches.
I know absolutely nothing about crystals or anything shiny for that matter. The only shiny things I have are a Tahari dress and a vintage sequin purse. A lot of designers use crystal in their collections, and when they do, they turn to Jimmy Crystal. They also do personalization crystallization (I couldn't think of another way to say that), meaning if you bring them anything, they will personalize it in crystals. I would love to engulf all of the random objects in my room with crystals.

Anyways, Wendy Chen is the PR rep for the company, does their marketing, events, and not to mention designs for them as well. She designed two collections for fall 2010. Later I will post about that, but for now here are some of my favorites from the showroom:

Wendy Chen standing behind one of her collections

>>Click here for their website.