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Monday, September 13, 2010

FNO with Alex

Midtown is only beautiful from a rooftop, but on Friday night it was spectacular. Heel laden ladies (and some gentlemen) owned the streets of Manhattan as the whole industry came out to support fashion. I was able to catch a glimpse of Simon Doonan and Francisco Costa (literally 10 minutes after I said to Alex, "if there was one person I could meet tonight and end the night with that, it would be Francisco Costa"). I always thought he was so tall, I never imagined he would be my height (5'7 1/2). I say that with love*

I brought my good friend Alex into the city with me for moral support (and because every woman MUST have her best gay friend in tow at ALL TIMES).

We made our way to Barney's and Bergdorf's (where the line to get into the building was about 500 people long). This year's FNO, as opposed to last year's, felt like an event. Last year when they first introduced Fashion's Night Out, it was more of a shopping incentive to see your favorite celebrities and designers. This year, with their obviously more advanced marketing methods, they transformed it into a world wide event.

After we went to our favorite stores uptown, we met up with my good friend, Stacie (a celebrity makeup artist, see here), who was working at an event at Touch, the Shop Addicts Fashion's Night Out 2010 Fashion Binge. They had a fashion show, DJ, and Loren Ridigner (Kim K's BFF, and who's cosmetic company, Motives, was sponsoring the event) and Sammy from the Jersey Shore made an appearance.

Guests drank from the open bar and people danced downstairs as the quieter guests enjoyed the VIP suites upstairs on the balconies overlooking the dance floor.

We didn't end up going downtown to SoHo or the Meatpacking District because we were soo tired (Fashion Week is exhausting, y'all!), but overall it was a great night with great company and friends.

Shop Addicts: FASHION BINGE & Shop for a Cause

Proceeds from the night went to Could You?, a non-profit organization that helps empower and sponsor young girls and women to pursue an education in Mozambique, Africa. See more here.

Alex, Stacie, and myself.
I'm wearing a Tahari dress, the handle of my red purse as my belt, a wooden cross from Armenia, a pomegranate necklace from Armenia, yellow necklace from Russia, wooden bracelet from Armenia, glasses from F21, and boots from Spring Shoes. My red purse is from NY and Company (how fitting, right). My cardigan is Sugarlips, one of my favorite brands! They have the best silk tanks.

On Alex: Pants and Cardigan: H&M. Blue top: Urban Outfitters

Dee Rivera, the CEO of Shop Addicts, and Stacie Ford

Loren Ridinger and Sammie Sweetheart. Sammie, you could have worn something else girl, that outfit is too plain for an event like this!!

The Rest of the Night

Before the Shop Addicts event, Alex and I made our way to Alice and Olivia, and took a picture of the crowd outside of Bergdorf's.

Would love to wear that hourglass and gold chain as a necklace...it was just for decoration.