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Friday, September 17, 2010

Part 10: Favorites S/S 2011

Here are the rest of them...I have picked my top favorite from each new collection as there is not enough room on here to show you all of my favorites.


This was probably one of the worst collections I've seen this week. Gwen's outfit is the best looking of the bunch. Puke..I'm all for making bold statements, but this was a disaster!

Oscar de la Renta

This was a really really really hard one judging on the amount of boom at the end of the show, although I wasn't feeling the floral theme. See for yourself, just click on the pictures to direct you to see the whole collection. I will say one thing, I'm very satisfied with him choosing Coco Rocha to walk in his most beautiful dress. Very little of the collection was reminiscent of Chanel and Prada, but overall very Oscar.

Calvin Klein

The most important thing for a fashion house to remember is to always maintain its aesthetic in every collection. The true joy and beauty of fashion is when the essence of a designer is always mirrored by his or her collections. I will forever be able to point out a Calvin Klein dress out of a lineup because Francisco Costa sees that it is essential, if not ethical, to keep this standard in mind. Always classy and sexy, his "so effortlessly feminine that it is almost masculine" perception of clothing and ultimately women is mindless ecstasy. For sure this is one of my favorite collections. PS Lara Stone looked gorg closing the show!!

Naeem Khan

I did not like a lot of the beginning of the show, and he wow'd me only with a few of the dresses at the end. Most of the collection looked like pageant dresses, colors/textures/cut already used by some designers for this season and last season (?), and tasteless embroidery.

Isaac Mizrahi

As influential and chic as Isaac Mizrahi is, he doesn't have a particular "look". His collections are always here and there and never anywhere, really. He changes the character of his clothing faster than I change my brush cleaner. However, I will play devil's advocate because I really like Isaac and I think he has really good taste. I love the stand-out collars on the silk organza dresses, reminds me of a Miu Miu collar I've been meaning to buy. I love love love the details on the shoes! I feel like the whole flapper era is coming back...

Jeremy Laing

Finally somebody incorporates cape-like features into their collection! I've been sketching/thinking/imagining about something like this for a year! And the fact that he not only perfected it and pulled the looks together but also did it asymmetrically sometimes blows my mind. I have nothing but praise for this collection, but I can not see people buying the clothes or wearing them anywhere but NY, maybe Europe. They look beautiful on the runway, however. I would definitely wear them!

J. Mendel

Great designs...that I've already seen! Have people lost their originality or have we run out of imagination? Some of the pieces have potential to be extraordinary...and I'll leave it at that.

Ralph Lauren

Ah...Ralph Lauren and his eccentric mid-western influences. I love it, although I wouldn't wear it. There is too much fringe and brown leather for me, and I'm very worried that he brought suede back in...it's a dangerous fabric. Certainly not one of his best collections, but the closing dress is absolutely stunning, no?

Reed Krakoff

He was able to pull off the materials used in a stylish manner, but there are very few pieces that really grab my attention. Also, the picture above...that jacket looks awfully familiar...I'm pretty sure I saw a Seven for all Mankind jacket very similar to that......not pointing any fingers...

GANT by Michael Bastian

Oh my goodness...what has he done! This line is what I have been waiting for for so so so long! It's that sexy indie hippy trendy cool vibe that has been on the DL for so long...too long. This collaboration is a success and I hope to see more from Bastian going further in this direction (he won CFDA's Menswear Designer of the Year three years in a row!). Those shorts (slide number 10) were made for Baptiste Giabiconi...let's be real. I mean who else can pull them off...ha...

Milly by Michelle Smith

This is how you mix patterns tastefully, Gwen!!! Watch and learn. Bold patters go with not so bold patterns, just keep the color palette neutral or in the same group.

Hervé Léger

It would be stupid of me not to mention the new directions Hervé Léger is taking it's signature bandage dress to. He really has an understanding of a woman's body and glorifies it in every way. It's great that he is updating the styles, especially because he has such a great resource to work with (the bandage fabric) and already a cult following in Hollywood. This can really be something that changes how people dress, I'm standing by!