"From heaven to hell and back again, life is a funny thing. beauty can come from the most strangest of places even the most disgusting places." RIP Lee Alexander McQueen. This blog is dedicated to you, your art, your beauty, and your influence. Long live McQueen!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen

**I want you to look closely at the detailing. Scroll all the way down to see the shoes and the details of the shoes. These are not all of the pieces of the collection, but some that I picked out accordingly with my taste, as I always do. Click on any picture to take you to the site of origin to see the rest. Enjoy!

This weaving pattern...ridiculous! I can't get over the beautiful artistry.

It was only about eight months ago Lee Alexander McQueen took his life. The world lost someone amazing, and fashion week lost its most sought after collection. There were people who doubted that Sarah Burton would be able to take over the McQueen brand name to the extent of which was required and expected, but I think she did a great job keeping the McQueen namesake. What a great tribute to him. The clothes had a more feminine less drastic touch to them (as expected, no one is able to mimic the original patterns and cuts *he cut his own patterns* that are so well known to the label) yet still did the label justice. Sarah took her inspiration from nature, as Lee always did, and made something beautiful.

Only someone who has been with the label for years and understands the image and aesthetic can put on such a show. I am amazed, rather surprised, by this great collection. I wasn't expecting something so beautiful and breathtaking, but I'm very happy to see that the image has not died. Lee would be very proud.

I love the weaved hair but I think more could have been done with the makeup that still kept with the nature theme. It's unfortunate that they downplayed it, but maybe it was for the better seeing as the McQueen trademark shows are better left legends. I am IN LOVE with those shoes. I have to be honest..I never liked McQueen's shoes from his diffusion line. I always hoped they would recreate what was on the runway and put it up for sale on Net-a-Porter, but that never happened. These shoes are amazing! Take a look at the details.