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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Chanel S/S 2011


The collection everyone waits for every season is finally here. WHAT DID I TELL YOU about those no-incline shoes??? Did I NOT predict that Chanel would show them? No? Read this.

He did. And it was bad. Almost bad. Almost really horrible-Ijustdrankabottleofbleach-horrible. If you cover up the bottom of the shoe or crop the picture (see below), it doesn't look too bad.

It's good to see Lagerfeld and Inès de la Fressange have reunited and mended tensions between them. She was the original Chanel model back in the 80's, most notably known for being the face of the Coco fragrance.

This collection was less Chanel as much as it was Karl Lagerfeld. He has been doing such a great job the past 25 or so years, and this collection has completely uprooted itself. It is great to see that he feels so comfortable with the brand enough to give it his personal touch. This is how you transform a brand, slowly. Hopefully he won't stray too far from Chanel's roots, like Balmain did. I have no doubt that Lagerfeld will continue the trade marks and signatures that are so well known to be Chanel.

I love the line down the part in the girls' hair. What is it? Liquid eyeliner? Chanel should make a customized hair part accessory, just like their fake tattoos (which became SO taboo and soon all of the lesser known designers were hacking it).

Absolutely love the purse and open fingered gloves...they are so sick! That Chanel clutch is going to be in HIGH demand next season, trust.

I love minuscule clutches. I always carry my small makeup bag as a clutch when traveling around for errands and such. It's not too big and not too formal.

Love the hat-shaped umbrella! Genius! Another trend to mark down for next season: sun-brellas.

Chanel is either changing their market lately or has realized that their market is changing. Hopefully the latter, I would hate to see this line disintegrate..Karl is known to pull some crazy out of his bum.