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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

John Galliano S/S 2011

John Galliano

Okay, let's be real. John Galliano is my man. My main man. His collections are intricate works of art, his early 1900's French glamour is consistent, exciting, and most of all relevant to today's lifestyle. He creates trends and embodies the beauty of women of all different shapes and sizes (as not to be confused with Mr. Gaultier, who has completely and undoubtedly hurled himself into the single lifeboat of curvy women who have jumped off (possibly thrown off) the Anorexia S.S.)

I love the thin eyebrows, the dark lips, and the smokey eye. Silk organza-not my favorite material, but it looks beautiful when Galliano crafts it. The shoes...fabulous! The pants with black tulle over it...why did it take this long for someone to invent something OUTRAGEOUSLY FABULOUS.

Coco Rocha walked! Yay! She looks fabulous minus the "trickling blood" from her forehead.

The headpieces....Outrageous! Gorgeous!

Umbrella....would love that for my future Brooklyn loft.

Love the net gloves...hope this catches!

It's not hard to do someone's face when they have such perfect features! Even so, Pat McGrath is a genius! I love all of her work...from D&G ads to all of her runway work.

Let's take a look at the makeup for this show since I love his inspiration. I will post more about runway makeup/Pat's work later on.