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Monday, November 1, 2010

DEE RIVERA Interview: Part 1

Last week I got a chance to interview Dee Rivera, the CEO of Shop Addicts (click HERE to remember FNO). She is a pioneer for women and a voice for the underdog, not to mention a fellow fashionista. Just over one year ago she was working as a fashion and beauty editor, familiarizing herself with the NYC, LA, and Miami scenes. She went to parties and social events everywhere—but she always felt that something was missing, so she took a step forward and decided to combine her love for fashion and philanthropy. Out came her brainchild, Shop Addicts, an organization which hosts shopping events (she calls them ‘extravaganzas,’ I call them places of worship) to benefit charity. So far, there have been a total of three Shop Addicts events, and she plans on continuing them not only in NYC, but in LA, Miami, and hopefully more places around the globe in the coming years.

Through Shop Addicts, she has helped and worked with human traficking organizations, and poverty stricken people in third world countries. Her utmost concern about the world and the one problem she can’t stand to ignore? “Human traficking. It’s sickening, almost demonic in a way,” she says to me as she walks me out of her conference room. Just fifteen minutes before she was explaining to me the brutality and unfortunate frequency of human traficking, especially in the States. “You’d be surprised, it’s all over the place. (People who you would never think) were traficking are the ones benefiting most from it.”

The chances of someone ever escaping such a situation where they are trafficked are slim to none.

What sparked (or kept the spark, rather) her interest in working with human traficking was a trip she took to Africa not too long ago. She went to work with a traficking organization and came back more reassured than ever, and is now planning a fashion week in Mozambique next year.

L-R: Dee Rivera, StaciƩ Ford, Alex Hosner, and myself at the FNO Shop Addicts event on Sept. 10th

“I’ve always stuck up for the underdog, even when I was little. I grew up in the Bronx, my mother was very nurturing, so when I saw someone getting bullied I would always stand up for them. I didn’t care how big the bully was.” It’s this ideology and motivation that kept her going. When she first started with the idea of Shop Addicts, she had no budget but so many ideas she could fill a room with them. She was persistent and eager to make a difference, and on December 10th she will host the fourth Shop Addicts event, the Holiday Shopping Binge. There will be designers selling and showcasing their clothing for people to buy, goodie bags for VIP guests, a Santa Clause for guests to take pictures with, a glam squad, and raffles. Tickets are free, and anyone (over 21!) is welcome to attend. I will be covering the event, and StaciĆ© Ford will be singing (I can’t wait to hear my girl sing!). This is just an introduction to Shop Addicts, stay tuned and make sure to visit the sites below for more information on how to get involved with Human Trafficking and to register for the Holiday Binge Event!

PS..She wouldn’t tell me who was sponsoring the event because they hadn’t signed the contracts yet, but you bet it’s going to be some big people! I can’t wait!


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Visit the Nomi Network to get information on how to help the victims of human traficking, and how to get involved: http://www.nominetwork.org/

Visit the Holiday Bing Event to register (it’s free!) for the event: Holidayshoppingbinge2010.eventbrite.com