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Monday, March 7, 2011

Celine Fall 2011

Oh my gosh, have I been a bad girl. I have not been keeping track of Celine. Since..ever. I never really gave the house much thought until I spotted a certain someone who won't be named sporting their bags. And by sporting I mean hoarding. 

The reason why many houses can't pull off minimalist is because in order to be given the credit of minimalist nature, one must have established that fact long ago. Houses that are known for their unconventionality should not dabble in puddles of minimalism as it will contradict the face of their brand. This is Phoebe Filo's fourth runway presentation. Incredible, isn't it? She has spearheaded her way into the fashion industry, creating new trends and a new face for the devastated label which, until 2004, couldn't find the right designer after Kors left his position as creative director. 

This collection was spectacular, she really did a great job. By concentrating on a few pieces (mostly jackets, coats, pants, shoes, and purses), she managed to capture the true essence of the brand. She very much reminds me of Kors with a little bit of Gaultier when he was at Hermes (Sad he left? Me too). I can really appreciate the leather incorporated into the pants, the beautifully crafted jackets, and the signature Celine purses. The shoes were to die as well. They are very inventive, something I haven't really seen before (well...Margiela...kind of). 

I also really liked the stripes of block color, something that seems to be in lately. Phoebe's inspiration for this collection was the interior of luxury cars. Yes, I know, a bit..different. But whatever, if Galliano can have an imaginary muse, why can't she have an automotive one? At least that explains the wood pattern.

In any case, Phoebe is the best thing that has happened to Celine. The brand is one of the most famous and 'in' brands of this past year and a half, and everyone is sporting her handbags. I look forward to Phoebe's future as a designer and will enjoy watching her grow as an artist in the coming years.

Images Courtesy of Vogue.com