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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Christian Dior Fall 2011

With the unfortunate demise of John Galliano, the Christian Dior collection has been the most anticipated of the season. What will his last collection be composed of? What elements will it have, will he reach back into his hat and pull out some surprises from past collections, and will this be the a collection that is remembered as his last? Will it be his best collection, or will it disappoint? So many questions were floating around in my head that for a second it was hard to concentrate on the pieces themselves. 

The most important question I believe is will the clothes sell? Will people look beyond the controversy and see into the beauty and the art of his clothing? Into his tortured mind and beautiful spirit? I don't think most of the world is willing to compromise, but I do believe that the fashion industry has begun the healing process. 

That being said, let's take a look at his last Dior collection. As a huge supporter of Galliano's work, I must say this is not his best collection. It is not even one of his best Fall collections. The knee length boots are phenom, and the sheer dresses (his signature pieces) are very well crafted and elegantly made. The color scheme, the patterns,  and the designs are very boring to me. Also the fabric choices could have been better.

The combination of the clothing and layering henceforth is what drives me insane. I can not fathom how he does it. Or how his stylists do it, whatever. Every collection that walks is perfect. Spotless. Not one piece that is paired with another is less than gratifying. 

Had he known this was his last collection for the house, I'm sure he would have showed us a better collection. 
Until next season, we await anxiously for news of who will proceed Galliano. It's been a great 15 years, and no one will be able to replace him. No one, not even Haider Ackermann. Maybe Gaultier, but I think he has too much on his plate already (his eponymous line and Hermes). We have our bets on Ackermann (Chanel wanted him) or Pheobe Philo.

Au Revoir, John Galliano. Au Revoir.

Images Courtesy of Vogue.com