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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Balenciaga Resort 2012

I wore so much brown last season I think I'm all set until Spring 2023. It's just like that summer when I ate too many apples, and now I can't look at an apple without cringing. I will give Balenciaga credit for hiding Jamie Bochert in those huge glasses, I almost didn't recognize her! This is kind of a strange collection, however--I don't like the fit AT ALL. It's too manly (not masculine, but manly, which means it isn't made for a woman's body). I love the shoes, as per usual with Balenciaga. I love the sheer underneath the bold--that is my favorite style: delicates with harsh fabrics. I think Miranda Kerr looks like a DISASTER. I love the sleeves of the shirts but I think they could have used other fabrics, it looks rather tatty, no?

Images Courtesy of Vogue.com